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Our conference is about how to be a part of the scientific community, how to write a scientific article, how to get estimable remarks and comments on your scientific work, how to participate in international conferences.

Our Conference it is:

  • Organization of interregional and international cooperation of universities and laboratories
  • Support of the best young researchers of education at the end and after the conference
  • Venue for meeting of scientific community participants who are interested in developing the potential of young researchers

For participation are invited starting investigators, students and young scientists We will help you upbuild the pathway of your further professional development!


Scientific and practical conference for young educational researches has a long history. The first conference of young researchers was held in 2001 on the eve of the modernization of Moscow education and back at that time get together a lot of passionate young scientists, researchers and students who are interested in science. A lot has changed since that time, but still conference unite those who are interested in working in the scientific research in the field of education and psychology. In 2021, we will meet for the 20th time!

The theme of the conference in this year is a Research that improves education. This means that all presented projects, researches and ideas have a convincing basis, are supported by innovative practices and based on searching of methods and arguments capable of being evidentiary.

For Participant

We invite young researchers who take a shot at science to participate in XX All-Russian scientific and practical conference for young educational researchers. We invite those who want to make scientific discoveries.

In this year our conference will allow you not only to present the results of research and present your scientific ideas, but also to see actual directions for further development and try yourself on new scientific and research platforms, to search and find like-minded people. This is an opportunity to get advice, mentoring and supervision.

For undergraduate students will be interested to study up with new master's degree programs and choose the most suitable programme for creating their scientific portfolio, preparing publications, participating in new scientific projects. For students of master's degree programs, this is an opportunity to think about continuing of scientific research activities during postgraduate study and conducting of scientific research.

During the conference, undergraduate students, graduate students and postgraduates will have the opportunity to get acquainted with information about programs and directions of further education in the leading universities of the country, present their reports and be noticed by potential scientific supervisors.

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